Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fresh Baby Peregrine

So, Peregrine is not big on imagination. He's quite skeptical of it, actually, and I could write a whole post on that subject. But today, he turned off the lights in his room, turned on his Sleep Sheep, and walked out the door, finger over his mouth, informing me that "anudder Baby Peregrine" was sleeping in there.

Unfortunately, Anudder Baby Peregrine's nap was quickly cut short, as I needed to access the kids' closet, but Peregrine didn't forget his responsibility. As I was putting his pajamas on tonight, he came over to me, both hands cupped carefully in front of him.

"See these?" he squeaked out lovingly.

"What are they?" I asked.

"Two little baby Peregrines!" he exclaimed.

We snuggled them, cooed over them, told them how cute they were, the usual. Then "dis one" got thirsty and wanted a bottle, so we fed him (it?), and then we fed the other one, and then they wanted water (apparently, we'd fed them milk earlier?).

And then, lest this threaten to become a normal game of imaginary baby, Peregrine lifted one (still carefully protectively cupped) hand to his nose.

"I smelled one of them," he informed me.

"What did it smell like?" I asked. (Seize the moment and run with it, right?)

Without missing a beat, he replied, "Fresh baby Peregrine."

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  1. I remember how Fresh Baby Peregrine smelled!