My Family

I am Rachel. I am a wife, and mother, and sister, and daughter, and friend, and music teacher. I watch birds. I love storms and seasons and green growing things and beautiful music (especially in minor keys). I'm a child of God. My house isn't very clean, but I sing a lot.

This is Andrew. I love him. A lot. We met and got married in college. Sometimes I like to watch him when he's not looking and pretend I'm still 18 and have a crush on him. He's a wonderful husband and father. He climbs things, and dashes into forests without warning. He's a fluvial geomorphologist (and yes, I can say that five times fast).

This is Peregrine. He has insatiable curiosity, and a frighteningly precise and detailed memory. He keeps me breathless chasing him. He spills things and knocks things over and argues with just about everything I say. He also sweeps the kitchen for me, unerringly holds the door open every time I leave the house, and brings me to tears with his boundless love for his baby sister. The things that come out of his mouth are hilarious, and conversations with him are pretty much the best ever.

This is Sylvia. She is cheery and warbly has a (huge) smile for everyone. She takes the world in stride, and sees it all as adventure. She has pretty much never stopped moving. We have had conversations since she was days old, and it is the joy of my life to see her personality stretching and blooming and growing. She also kind of looks like an owl.

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