Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Balancing. That's pretty much all I'm doing these days. All I'm learning how to do. They are so different sometimes, the two of them. It's tricky business, balancing.

His need for go go go do something go somewhere be stimulated be thrilled have a mission get out of the house!!! with her need for snuggle me stay at home stare out the window snuggle me again peace quiet calm introspect let's sit in this chair and just be one with the trees.

His 9:30 AM expiration date (!!!) with her unfortunate tendency to think the night lasts until about noon--or later.

His need for rough wrestle tumble drive cars with her need for gentle calm quiet stare into my eyes.

His need to "check on Sylvia" constantly (especially when she's asleep) with her need to just sleep, unmolested. For some odd reason, she doesn't exactly think my brother loves me when he's driving a car on her face. Baffling, I know.

His need for routine structure safety stability discipline predictability with her utter lack of knowledge that such things even exist.

Her need for just never put me down never ever snuggle me forever especially during Peregrine's naptime routine with his need for snuggle me sometimes I'm still your baby I don't need it always but I'd like to still be hugged especially during my naptime routine.

His need to still be a baby with the fact that she is undeniably a baby.

His need to talk do things spend time with Mommy with her need to constantly feed off Mommy.

Her very primal, basic, all-consuming needs with his complex, growing-person, emotional, intellectual needs. So different, but still so important.

His need to not be ignored, even if he is older and more capable. Her neediness, period.

The need to meet both their needs. And the reality that it's about more than just meeting their needs. The need to live in community, together. Where needs are met, but needs are also compromised, blended together.

Yep. That's my life these days. Thank God (not flippantly, but truly, truly, God be praised) for babywearing, YouTube, preschool and a Starbucks near said preschool, and a wonderful husband who is figuring out this balancing thing with me.

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