Friday, May 10, 2013

Peregrine miscellany

So, I've nicknamed Peregrine "Peregrino" since he was a tiny baby. My sister-in-law, who takes care of him, does it, too, and he just recently started picking it up. He called himself just "Grino" for awhile, and now it's "Puma-grino." And apparently he's decided it's a term of affection, because he uses it on all of us.



Even Monkey-grino.

It's adorable. I'm especially fond of Monkey-grino. And for everyone who thought I was giving my child a name he would never be able to pronounce, rest assured that he can say Puma-grino just fine.

Also, he's been completely obsessed with birthdays lately. Partly because of Andrew's, but it started before that. He can sit and watch Youtube videos of birthday celebrations over and over, completely fascinated when everyone sings. The candles, the cake, the singing--it's magical to him.

He's totally happy to celebrate anyone's birthday, but he's started to really want his own. He asks me quite frequently now when it will be time for "Puma's happy cookie."

That's pretty much the best rendition of "birthday cake" ever.

He was babbling away today, and just started listing things: "Puma's heaven, Puma's happy cookie, Puma's boy!" Such pride in ownership. I suppose your gender, your birthday, and heaven aren't a bad set of things to hold dear.

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