Monday, April 15, 2013

Peregrine quotes

I love that I have a child old enough to be actually quotable. Here are his latest gems.

I told him once or twice that he had had a really good nap. It was an offhand comment, but now he has become oddly preoccupied with making sure I think his nap was good. Anyhow, one day recently he had a not-so-good nap, and, after waking up from it, he asked me, as usual, "Good nap?" I said no, it hadn't been a very good nap. To which he responded, confused, "Dirty nap?"

Apparently dirty is the opposite of good. At least when it comes to naps.

Andrew brought home from his parents' house a little bag of old matchbox cars, and Peregrine has fallen in love. He hardly ever plays with any other toy now. He knows all these cars by name, and greets them every morning as if they were old friends. It's kind of wonderful, because he plays with them, independently, for a pretty long time. I don't get the attraction, or why my incredibly-short-attention-spanned child will play with the same toy for hours on end. He just drives them around, commenting on their various characteristics, looking for a "park place," and bringing them "home," which is pretty much any wall or ledge he can put them up against. And the other day, he was off in a corner, playing with them, and he picked one up and licked the bottom of it. Totally to himself, he then commented, "Hmm...yummy! Yummy yellow car!"

And finally, he has quit calling himself Mama. He's replaced it with Puma, which is infinitely cuter, and which Andrew and I now call him as well. Just imagine a little baby cougar. It's adorable. But any time he wants something, or wants to do something, he prefaces it with "Puma's." Puma's car? Puma's outside? Puma's boodey? My personal favorite is when he wants an avocado.

Puma's atado?

What a wonderful phrase.

It means no worries, for the rest of your days....

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