Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm going to miss these...

Yeah, I know he has to grow up and start talking normally. And I wouldn't want it any other way. But still, there are some words I'm going to miss hearing. He's learning so fast, they are here today and gone tomorrow. Some of them, in fact, were here yesterday and gone today.

Meep-mow=cement mixer. Kid knows his vehicles.

Ha-coc-coop=helicopter. Helicopters are Peregrine's current consuming obsession. I showed him one video--one--of a man in a helicopter. Now he wants, so badly, to ride in one. It's really the first time I've seen him want something he saw on a screen.

Hmeam=cream. Ice cream, whipped cream, diaper rash cream. All of which he loves. And, he learned how to say cream today. With a nice crisp cr sound. I will really miss hmeam.

Hmama=Peregrine. Because that totally makes sense. I always wondered how he would pronounce his difficult-to-say name. Got to admit, I didn't see hmama coming.

Dee=pacifier. But we all say dee now. Baby 2 will probably not know the real name.

Lello-dee=technically, it means yellow pacifier. Idiomatically, it means, "hey, I found a yellow object!"

Nioaw=said very fast, it means no, more, milk, and meow. Imagine how confusing it is when you ask him if he wants more milk. He's getting better, though.

Ooooo!=light. And he's totally started saying light now. But I'll miss hearing that sound every time a light comes on.

Hadee=thank you or dishwasher. (Actually, this makes sense, seeing as how we always tell him thank you when he hands us stuff from the dishwasher). I thought I heard an attempt at a genuine thank you tonight. And a tiny part of me died inside. I'll miss hadee. He says it so genuinely, too, even restaurant employees know exactly what he means.

Mee-mee=excuse me. Said very innocently and meekly.

Butt=buttons. Said very loudly. BUTT!!!

Beebee=seatbelt. Or carseat.

Boodeedee=Aunty Liz. It's pretty catchy. Even I call her that now. Probably because I answer questions about her whereabouts several (hundred) times a day.

Yaya=holding hands. It's a good word. I use it. I predict this one stays for awhile.

Haht-tahp=pasta. Kind of sounds like hot tub.

Mop=crawl. This one is entirely my invention, a relic from the days when Peregrine scooted everywhere on his belly, picking up dirt like a mop. But I taught it to him because it's so funny to hear him say it. And to know he thinks the concept of "mopping downstairs" is perfectly normal. Sorry, kid.

And boodey, I don't know what I'll do when he quits saying boodey. He's already saying water (or wa-la) more and more. But water bottles are still boodeys, fortunately. And hopefully will be for a long, long time.

Also, he's experimenting with putting two words together and says them all, no matter what combination, with the same inflection--up!down.

No!hat. Hi!Daddy. Yellow!Jeep. Like!cars. Find!Owls.

I'll miss that, too.

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