Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Top Ten Things I Don't Like Doing While Fighting Morning Sickness

Because if I don't have a sense of humor about this, it's much harder to deal with. So here goes:

10. Taking Out The Trash
I avoid this one at all costs, actually. And it's an easy one to avoid. Because I have a fantastic husband. Trash smells disgusting.

9. Breastfeeding
It hurts. A lot. I really wanted to wait to get pregnant until I felt like weaning Peregrine was an option. But I've hated the thought of weaning him cold turkey. Fortunately, he's eased out of nursing really naturally. And now he's stopped completely, on his own. It's bittersweet, it really is. I was ready, he was ready, but still, I'll never nurse him again. And that makes me kind of sad. I've spent hours looking down at his sweet little nursing face.

8. Parenting
I know, this one is kind of non-negotiable. But sometimes I wish so badly I could just check out, not be on all the time. I remember, when I was pregnant with Peregrine, thinking how much worse the morning sickness would be if I had an older kid. It is worse. It's also better, because I know I've been through it before. But still, I would love to just check out sometimes. Here's to Peregrine's godparents' upcoming visit!

7. Tasting My Own Mouth
Tell me, why is so much saliva necessary for growing a baby? The tiredness, I get. The nausea, I get too. The excessive amounts of saliva, not so much. It's absolutely disgusting. And this time around, my mouth tastes like the powdered acidophilus my sister used to feed her rabbits (yes, I tried it, all my sisters did). It's this mild, sickly-sweet taste. I cannot kick it. And up until the day before yesterday, every single thing I put in my mouth made it worse. I tried everything. Then I discovered lemon juice in water. Thank you, lemon juice in water, for being my new best friend.

6. Eating And Staying Hydrated.
When I'm not pregnant, I eat three meals. And if I'm hungry, I wait for the next one. And I'm rarely ever hungry. When I'm pregnant, I have to eat, right when I'm hungry. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure my stomach starts eating itself. It's a terrible feeling. So I just eat, all the time. I hate spending that much time eating. Especially when my stomach decides it doesn't really like being full either.

5. Going To Work
With Peregrine, I would literally sit in the car and cry because I didn't want to go to work. Now, I just grit my teeth and tell myself I'll make it through the day. Maybe because my alternative isn't sitting at home and doing nothing. Actually, once I get to work, it's usually not as bad as I think it will be. But getting ready for work and anticipating it and thinking about all the days I still have to deal with both work and morning sickness...I proposed to Peregrine that we both just hibernate for the next few weeks. He wasn't on board.

4. Changing Poopy Diapers
Yeah, gross. And much, much grosser in cloth diapers, because then I have to wash them in the toilet. I've started using a lot more disposable diapers. But here's the thing. Murphy's Law, beast that it is, dictates that every time I put Peregrine in cloth, he will poop. Even if he's already pooped three blowouts earlier in the day. I'm not kidding. I've tested this theory time and time again. Enough that I think there's something to it. Like maybe, Peregrine actually finds cloth diapers more comfortable for pooping.

3. Getting Out Of Bed
I forget, when I'm sleeping, that I have morning sickness. Then I wake up and I remember. Making myself get up and start the day is really hard. Don't polar bears hibernate throughout their pregnancies?

2. Opening The Fridge
Yes, this is worse than getting out of bed, and usually, it's even worse than changing poopy diapers. I have no idea why. Smelling cooking food, I can handle. Even cooking is not that bad. But opening the fridge and smelling the hodge-podge of food, some of it not so fresh, gets me every time. I've taken to planning exactly what I want out of the fridge, then holding my breath and diving in for it. With Peregrine, I could smell the fridge even when it was closed. From the other room.

1. Getting The Flu
Takes the cake. I don't think I have ever felt so utterly sick in my life. Fortunately, we are all pretty much over it. Except my lingering cough. And honestly, it's put some perspective on what would otherwise be my worst few weeks of morning sickness. At least I don't have the flu anymore.

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